Book (24)

Rating Artist Name Published
Ken Follett Pillars of the Earth
Conn Iggulden Conqueror 2011
Conn Iggulden Khan: Empire of Silver 2010
T.C. Boyle The Women 2009
Conn Iggulden Genghis: Bones of the Hills 2008
Conn Iggulden Genghis: Lords of the Bow 2008
9.0 Ursula K. Le Guin Lavinia 2008
Colleen McCullough Antony and Cleopatra 2007
7.5 Conn Iggulden Genghis: Birth of an Empire 2007
Jeff Shaara To the Last Man 2004
8.0 Jeff Shaara The Glorious Cause 2003
Colleen McCullough The October Horse 2002
8.0 Jeff Shaara Rise to Rebellion 2001
James Reston, Jr Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade 2001
Jeff Shaara Gone for Soldiers 2000
Jeff Shaara The Last Full Measure 1998
Colleen McCullough Caesar 1997
Colleen McCullough Caesar's Women 1996
Jeff Shaara Gods and Generals 1996
Colleen McCullough Fortune's Favorites 1993
Colleen McCullough The Grass Crown 1991
9.0 Colleen McCullough The First Man in Rome 1990
T.C. Boyle World's End 1987
9.0 Michael Shaara The Killer Angels 1974